The Grand Expedition

How Does it Work?

You Book. Tickets via our ticketing page. Sign up to our mailing list to be kept up to date with ticketing news, or visit our ticketing page. 

You Wait. We'll send you a secret location text directing you to our top-secret location. 

You Find. Follow the navigations sent to you to find our location, and then step inside. 

You Feast. And Frolic with us, enjoying the worldly delights of the Grand Expedition. 

You Keep the Secret. Shhhhhh. It never happened. Our experiences rely on the element of surprise and with that in mind, we respectfully ask that you keep our secrets safe so others can experience our events as you have. 

–– Where is it? ––

The exact location is top secret, but you will find us somewhere along the Victoria line.
HINT: The location is between Walthamstow and Euston.

–– The Victoria Line - that's not Ginger? ––

Yes, we know. The Grand Expedition requires a space with very specific requirements. Although we initially searched the Gingerline, we eventually found the perfect space on the Victoria Line. 


–– How many tickets can I buy? ––

As many as you like! There are 100 seats per night.  

–– Can I buy group tickets? ––

Yes, you can buy groups of 6, 8 or 10 people. Please visit the ticketing page for more information. General Seating tickets will also be seated together, you may just share a table with other Aeronauts. 

The Format

This is a Classic Gingerline format. Although you won't believe it, this grand adventure all happens in one room with the performances happening around you.

–– What time will The Expedition finish? ––

The evening Expedition will finish at approximately 10pm (the bar remains open until 11pm) and the matinee performance at 3pm (venue closing at 4pm). 

On The Day

–– When will I receive my text? ––

Saturday Matinee:
You will receive your text by 4pm, the day before your departure. 

Evening Events:
You will receive a secret location text by 4pm on the day of your journey directing you to the exact location.

–– Dress Code ––

There will be a non-compulsory dress code. Please check your confirmation email for more details. 

–– I still haven't received my text! ––

Evening Performances: If it has gone past 4pm on the day of your arrival and you still haven’t received a text, please call the following number 0203 581 0700.

Matinee Performances: If it has gone past 4pm on the day before your arrival and you still haven’t received a text, please call the following number 0203 581 0700.

This phone line is manned from 4pm on Tuesday to Friday and from 11am on Saturday's. 

–– What time should I arrive? ––

Saturday Matinee:
Doors open at 12pm, please arrive no later than 12.15pm.

Evening Performances:
Doors open at 7pm, please arrive no later than 7.15pm.

–– I'm running late, what should I do? ––

If you are going to arrive later than 7.30pm for the evening performance, or 12.30pm for the matinee, please call the team on 07462 869 437 to let them know.

–– I'm, lost, where should I go? ––

If you have found yourself running off course and are concerned about arriving late, please call 07462 869 437 for help with navigation. 

Families & Accessibility

–– Do you host family friendly events? ––

Whilst we can't accommodate young children at The Grand Expedition, we do recommend our Saturday Matinee performances for 12+.  

–– Is there strobe lighting? ––

There will be some short passages of strobe lighting, flashing lights and images during the performance. If any of your group have photo-sensitive epilepsy please notify us on the bookings form. Please email bookings@thegrandexpedition.co.uk if you have further questions.  

–– Accessibility ––

The Grand Expedition is accessible to both wheelchair users and those with limited mobility. However, due to the limitations of the building, wheelchair places will be limited to one wheelchair per performance. To check availability before you book, please email bookings@thegrandexpedition.co.uk.

Group Bookings

For more information about exclusively hiring the Grand Expedition, please email events@gingerline.co.uk for availability and costs. 


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