About The Show
The Grand Expedition is an incredible edible journey that transports you to clouds and back as you sit at a table nestled in a hot air balloon. Blown around the globe by the four Winds of the World, you’ll dine at each new destination with a tasting course and immersive activities inspired by your surroundings. An ambitious fusion of live animation, acrobatics, culinary invention, and exquisite set design it pushes the boundaries of what a dining experience can be offering something for all imaginations.
"Every half century, the Sylphs, the spirits of the air, seek out the bravest, the truest, the most fearless explorers of all, to take part in The Grand Expedition. You have been chosen…”

Blown by the four Winds of the World, you will be carried across land and sea to embark upon an adventure, where you will explore the delights of the far reaches of the world. Prepare for some unexpected encounters, exquisite hospitality and perhaps some emergency balloon repairs …
Producer Suz Mountfort had a love of pop-up books and wanted to find a way to make a ‘2d meets 3d’ world as a dining environment. "It’s very much about a yearning for the dreamy imagery and repeated rhythms from bedtime stories but squared with a grown-up desire for adventure, travel, great food and shared escapism." Inspiration came through the team’s research of the traditional festivals of destinations, using regional expertise to also ensure authenticity and respect to the cultures you’ll visit. Combining a super simple narrative, the team worked with visionary designers Darling & Edge and illustrator Fred Campbell. Together the visuals for The Grand Expedition as a live event were born.
Our 4-course tasting menu designed by Flavourology Food Director & Chef, Jenny McNeill, spans the globe. Informed by local chefs, dishes are inspired by the traditional or street food cuisines of each destination. Dining is relaxed and sometimes interactive. We endeavour to keep our menu a surprise, but you can check out a sample menu on our Food & Drink page.
Unlike Gingerline’s Chambers of Flavour productions, The Grand Expedition is a single room experience. We create immersive transitions and dance spectacles to bring the world to your table. With stunning theming, 360-degree scenes, animations, aerial artists, circus performers and of course the delectable dishes there is something to please all the senses.
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Cast Members
Voice of the Wind Brothers
Rupert Farley
Voice of the Sylphs
Shaheen Khan
Aeronauts and Local Dancers
Anthony Pius (they/them)
Aeronauts and Local Dancers
Björn Åslund (he/him)
Aeronauts and Local Dancers
Cameron Lee-Allen (he/him)
Aeronauts and Aerialist / Dancer
Georgia Redgrave (she/her)
Aeronauts and Circus Artist
Grace Monchar (she/her)
Aeronauts and Local Dancers
Jeremiah Olusola (he/him)
Aeronauts and Local Dancers
Jessica Lucia Andrade (she/her)
Aeronauts and Circus Artist
Katerina Anastopoulou (she/her)
Aeronauts and Local Dancers
Oliver Robertson (he/him)
Aeronauts and Local Dancers
Robbie Hébert (he/him)
Aeronauts and Local Dancers
Wenqiu Jiang (she/her)
Aeronauts and Local Dancers
Yanki Yau (she/her)
Gingerline are the creators of immersive dining in London and pioneers of the underground dining scene since 2010. Gingerline combines gastronomic artistry with elaborate immersive set design, multimedia story-telling and theatrical performance to create out-of-this-word experiences.
The Creators
Suz Mountfort
Producer & Co-Writer
Lauren Partridge
Creative Director
Jack Horner
Circus Consultant
Rob Brittain-Keates
Choreographer & Driector
Jenny McNeill
Food Design
Lex Kosanke
Musical & Technical Director
Fred Campbell
Illustration Artist
Greenyaway & Greenaway
Animation & Sound Design
Victoria Gimby
Dramaturg & Co-Writer
Davy Berryman
Director of Operations
Saju Hari
Choreographer & Adviser
Hallgrim Hansegaard
Choreographer & Adviser
Wan Ning
Choreographer & Adviser