Gingerline is dedicated to supporting artistic freedom and providing a space for the creation of a diverse range of food experiences and performances. We recognise that prejudice is an issue at all levels of society. Gingerline understands that discrimination denies minority groups their basic human rights, dignity and respect.  

Our commitment is always to equality and social inclusion, and our past experiences have challenged us to do things differently if we are to create positive outcomes for all. We consider it our responsibility not just to operate in a fair and open way, but in a way that challenges oppressive societal norms.

We recognise that we ourselves have prejudices and continue to work against them by listening, learning and exploring. Gingerline does not tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism or any prejudices based on ethnicity, nationality, gender or gender presentation, ability, class or asylum status. In participating at our experiences, we ask that you uphold these values. Anyone that is found to violate these values will be asked to leave without refund. 


The Grand Expedition transports audience members around the world by hot air balloon through the magic of food, animation, music, set and performance. You will experience folk dances created by choreographers from the countries you will visit and participate in culinary experiences and games that have been researched in consultation with people whose rich traditions we are celebrating.  

During the show, the performers will mime and use emotive sounds which allows them to communicate with you; they are not trying to imitate the languages of the places you will visit. The costumes that the performers wear have been designed in consultation with the choreographers and communities we are visiting and have been checked for cultural appropriateness and practicality. The make-up design is an homage to the story book, with the performers an extension of the drawings you will see on the screen. We recognise that some countries we visit in the show have been historically subject toBritish colonialism and persecution. Our intention is to celebrate the people whose countries we are visiting rather than to romanticise the Empire.  

Gingerline would like to thank our extensive list of collaborators, cast and crew without whose experiences we would not have been able to create this magical experience around the world.