The Grand Expedition

“It is commonly known, in the society of aeronauts, astrologers, dreamers and all who divine such things, that every half-a-century the spirits of the air, summon the fearless to a Grand Expedition. Adventurers and travellers are called to venture; to go forth, forage and feast."

Prepare yourself for a once in a lifetime dining expedition.

The Grand Expedition will take budding aeronauts on a journey, beyond the clouds and back, for 5 fantastical courses, at a top-secret, long forgotten location, somewhere on the Victoria Line. 

"I've dreamt of doing this dining format since 2012 but never really imagined we could do it. It's complex, and hi-tech, but influenced by the most analogue of pastimes, pop-up books and bedtime stories. The tales they tell and the dreams they can induce. It's designed for grown-ups but inspired by the adventures we dreamed of having as children." 

Suz Mountfort, Gingerline Co-Founder

This grand adventure will test the limits of what a dining experience could ever be. A fusion of live animation, dance display, flavoursome delights and exquisite set design. Although you won't believe it, this grand adventure all happens in one room, taking us back to a Classic Gingerline dining format. 

Part dance spectacle, part multi-media simulation, part poetical dream-scape, this experience is designed for adventurous people who want an unconventional, unforgettable, once in a lifetime dining adventure. 



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